Timber Windows

Add class to your home with Timber Windows

Are you in need of replacement windows for your home that look good in addition to fulfilling your basic practical requirements?

Do you like the idea of having windows that combine the natural beauty of timber with the latest advances of other window types?

Would you like to purchase your timber windows from a company that has a strong industry reputation?

If you can answer with a "yes" to questions like these, then we've got good news for you: here at Signature, we offer a comprehensive range of timber windows for your property, together with associated accessories.

Why are timber windows still so popular?

Well, perhaps we should first acknowledge that timber windows have not always been as popular amongst UK homeowners as they are right now. That's because, with the increased popularity of more modern materials for windows, such as PVC, timber windows had actually seen something of a decline for a while... but not for any longer.

That's because UK homeowners just can't escape their love of timber windows, with their natural beauty and association with the 'country cottage' image that seems embedded in the British psyche. The only problem has tended to be a shortfall in quality - but now, timber windows are very much making a comeback, thanks to advancements in manufacturing and production methods.

But with all of those things considered, why should you purchase your timber windows from Signature?

Buy top quality timber windows from Signature

The timber windows that we offer here at Signature have all of the benefits of our other windows, including an ability to keep your house warm - which reduces your heating costs and carbon footprint - as well as to physically protect you and reduce noise from outside.

There are various styles to choose from when it comes to timber windows from Signature, including our vertical slider windows and delightfully elegant bow and bay windows. The latter timber windows are custom built, and consist of double glazed fully sealed units that ensure a draft free home all year round.

Contact our customer service team about timber windows today!

If you're still looking for a company that specialises in top quality timber windows, we're glad to say that your search is over! Simply send us an email, or call us on 08000 321 132, to talk to us about timber windows for your property.

We will soon be back in touch with you with competitive double glazing prices, and will work closely with you to ensure that your timber windows are a perfect accompaniment to your home.