Energy Efficiency

Signature Energy Saving WIndow Products

Signature Energy Saving Window Products

It is essential when choosing your new energy saving windows, doors and conservatories that you look for products incorporating the latest Energy efficient components and have been simulated with a Window Energy Rating Scheme.

These Schemes (We use the British Standards Institute Window Energy Rating Scheme) identifies products that have gone through rigorous simulation testing to ensure that they meet the strictest energy efficiency criteria.

The ratings are from A-G with (A+) being the most efficient in insulation and actually allowing heat from the sun to reduce your heating bills with something call ‘G’ Factor (Solar Heat Gain).

Due to the design of our windows we can achieve an "A Rating" without the extra cost of more expensive Low Iron Glass, keeping your cost of purchase down and your savings up benefiting from superb energy efficiency.

Once Installed we will issue you with an Energy Certificate for you to keep which is evidence of meeting and exceeding building regulations (Document L) should you ever need it. This document also has your contract number should you ever need to refer to it for warranty or matching products in the future.

Windows Energy Ratings is a complex subject, but Signature Windows is here to help with expert knowledge in the field we are also support with technical backup up with a manufacturer at the forefront of the Energy Efficiency by developing exclusive Signature products.

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