Energy Efficient Windows

Energy Efficient WindowAre you trying to find a supplier and installer of windows that are as energy efficient as they are good looking, durable and low maintenance?

Would you like to be able to select from a wide range of frames for your energy efficient windows, including Casement Windows, bow and Bay Windows and Vertical Sliding Windows?

And are you interested in receiving expert advice on how to choose the right energy efficient windows for your individual needs?

These are the kind of questions to which many prospective customers of energy efficient windows can respond with a "yes", and if you are on the lookout for high quality and well-priced energy efficient windows yourself, you really couldn't choose a better company from which to purchase them than Signature.

Why should you purchase energy efficient windows?

It's fair to say that replacement windows for your home are a major investment, and what's more, the durability and efficiency of modern windows means that you're unlikely to replace a new set of windows for quite a while. But whilst that latter point is undoubtedly good news for the customer, it's not likely to be as good news if you don't make the right choice of new windows, first time out.

The reality is that your windows will be influencing your household bills for their entire lifespan, thanks to their energy efficiency. After all, around 20% of the heat that escapes from any home does so through the windows. Energy efficient windows, when properly installed, prevent more of the heat from your home from escaping, which means that your home will be warmer and more comfortable and your energy bills will be lower.

How can you tell which windows are energy efficient windows?

There's a simple way of telling which windows are energy efficient windows - thanks to the Window Energy Ratings (WER) of the British Fenestration Rating Council (BFRC).

The way the Windows Energy Ratings scheme works is that windows are examined, component by component, to ensure that they are truly as energy efficient as is being claimed. The end result is that the given window is graded with a letter from A (indicating the highest level of energy efficiency) to G (the lowest).

The scheme provides a great means of ensuring that you are buying truly energy efficient windows - and the great news is that Signature is a leading supplier and installer of A-rated energy efficient windows.

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