Window Energy Ratings

Are you interested in buying a new set of windows for your property?

Would you like to have such windows installed by a firm that has a strong industry reputation?

And are you eager to ensure that the windows that you purchase are energy efficient?

Window energy Ratings is a vital, but frequently forgotten, area of consideration when the time comes for you to purchase new windows for your home.

Replacement Windows are a significant investment, and given the time period for which you'll probably have any one set of windows installed, you'll want to ensure that you make the right choice of windows, first time out... as well as that your new windows continue to save you money, years after they have been fitted.

Windows that rate highly such as those that we offer here at Signature are, as the name of the Window Energy Ratings suggests, more energy efficient, which means that you can save substantial amounts on your energy bills.

What are Window energy Ratings?

Window energy Ratings are a guide to your windows' energy efficiency. It is a scheme of the British Fenestration Ratings Council (BFRC) that examines the various components of a window to ensure that it is as energy efficient as is claimed.

Under the Window energy Ratings scheme, windows are rated between A, which is the highest possible energy efficiency rating, and G, which is the lowest. The most recent Building Regulations make it necessary for new homes to have a rating that is no lower than C.

Ideally, though, you want to go much further than just C-rated windows when the time comes for you to replace yours. You'll want to purchase your new windows from a company that has Window energy Ratings of B or even A - and Signature is a leading supplier and installer of "A Rated Windows".

Why should I choose windows with high Window energy Ratings?

By investing in windows from Signature that have high Window Energy Ratings, you can benefit from a significant reduction in your energy bills - you could save around £130 a year, in fact. More than that, though, with windows from Signature, you can be doing your bit for the environment whilst enjoying a warmer, more comfortable and draught-free home.

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