Casement Windows

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Give your home more traditional character with some Casement Windows

One common dilemma with browsing new windows to purchase is that many modern window designs can lack a unique aesthetic character capable of bringing something sufficiently different to your home. In this situation, you should instead consider opting for some truly classy and eye-catching casement windows.

Now, for a start, what actually are double glazed casement windows? Well, they are windows attached to their frames by one or more hinges. However, unlike awning windows, that are hinged at the top, and hoppers, windows that are hinged at the bottom, casement windows are strictly hinged at the side. This can have all kinds of benefits, one of the more obvious being the ease with which casement windows can be opened and closed.

However, the casement windows on offer from Signature Windows can have many other merits. These include the low maintenance associated with the uPVC of our casement windows frames - in contrast to wooden frames, the more ready wear and tear of which can often necessitate repeated attention and repainting. Furthermore, our uPVC casement windows frames are highly thermally efficient - ideal for helping to lower both your energy bills and carbon footprint.

These qualities are great indicators of the knowledge we have here at Signature Windows about what is really required in the windows of modern homes. The same is true of the sashes that we use on the hinges of our casement windows. These ensure that the windows can be kept open as you see fit, while the rebated sashes which lip over the outer frames of our casement windows effectively guard against the potentially adverse effects of wind and rain.

As if all of these functional features weren't attractive enough, you can also expect casement windows to add a substantial degree of aesthetic class to your home. Casement windows certainly have a romantic image, courtesy of their great historical popularity and continued common use in many European countries, such as Denmark and Sweden. Plus, our website includes plenty of photographs of the casement windows that we offer, which can give you an idea of how these lovely windows can enhance a considerable variety of properties.

Casement windows are a more traditional window system; they were the most popular window system in Europe until the sash window came along. Casement windows are traditionally hinged at the side and open inwards but the option to have the windows opening outwards is available.

The hinges used by signature are incredibly secure and durable; they come with a 30,000 open cycle for peace of mind. There are several colour options available on these hinges that will be presented to you when you purchase your windows so you can customise your windows to your style.

Security is of utmost importance when it comes to a Signature casement window. Our windows are fully accredited with secured by design, PAS 23/24 and also hold the BS 7950 Enhanced security windows accreditation so you can be assured that Signature casement windows are some of the most secure windows in the market.

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