Aluminium Doors

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Add some class to your company's premises with some Aluminium Doors

If you run or help to run a major company, either public or private, then you will be well aware of the importance of an attractive physical base for your firm's operations. It is crucial to build or develop a pleasant environment not merely for your employees, thus encouraging them to work harder and more effectively, but also members of the public, who should be encouraged to routinely enter your premises and help your company to thrive.

Signature Windows can help you in this task, as we stock an impressive range of aluminium doors. Aluminium doors are specifically suited to a working, rather than residential, environment - and our aluminium doors come in many different types and are equipped with an impressive suite of features.

The type of aluminium doors we stock include commercial hinged and commercial swing aluminium doors. Also available are revolving doors, which can add real prestige and glamour to a building; automatic doors, ideal for providing uncomplicated entrances for members of the public; and folding sliding doors like tilt and slide, slide folding and multi-track slide doors, which allow for extra space near the building's entrance. We also offer patio and electronic aluminium doors.

Meanwhile, the features which come as standard with all of our aluminium doors include high thermal efficiency, which can help you to reduce the heating bills for your premises, and a super-strong structure, intended to ensure that your aluminium doors can deter break-ins and are built to last. The above features are provided thanks to a trim, low U-value system boasting many different profile shapes. Plus, whether you want your aluminium doors to open internally or externally, it's possible with our single and double aluminium doors.

Ideally, though, you also want your aluminium doors to have that visual 'wow' factor, not to mention effectively complement the overriding visual character of your company's building. We can offer you aluminium doors which tick both boxes, thanks to the broad choice of colours, finishes and glazing we offer with all of our aluminium doors.

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