Bi-Folding Doors

Bi Folding door interior viewBi Folding Door with sky backgroundBi Folding door black finishBrown Bi Folding door partly openBi Folding door fully openBi Folding door open leading out from loungeBlack Bi Folding door side viewBi Folding door open on conservatory

So much choice and versatility with our Bi-Folding Doors

Often, when choosing a type of door, your choice is largely influenced by where exactly in your property you intend to install that door. French doors, for instance, are clearly often best placed near the garden, where they can provide an exquisite exterior view while bringing in plenty of natural light. A composite door, meanwhile, is often best installed at the front of your house, where you want to leave a lasting positive impression on visitors while maintaining your privacy.

If you are feeling indecisive, however, then why not consider some of the bi-folding doors on offer from Signature Windows? Bi-folding doors differ from most doors in that they comprise of a longer door unit with several sections, all folding in pairs. Bi-folding doors are often made of wood, metal or glass, and can - sometimes literally - help to light up a previously drab room.

You could, for instance, opt to have sliding folding doors installed on your conservatory to open up the whole rear part of your property into the garden and invite in plenty of natural light. Such light could often replace artificial light, thus saving you money on your energy bills. Alternatively, you could have bi-folding doors installed between your kitchen and dining room to make for one much larger room during appropriate times.

Our bi-folding doors also come in a large variety of designs and colours, such variety will make it easier for you to purchase some bi-folding doors capable of effectively complementing your property's interior. We are also mindful of security concerns, hence why we have equipped all of our bi-folding doors with multi-point locking systems to guard against intruders in your home. The high thermal efficiency of our bi-folding doors will also help you to trim the cost of your heating bills.

If everything you have read above has perked your interest in buying some Bi-Folding Doors from Signature Windows, then there are many different ways to find out more information about our bi-folding doors.

Get on the phone to us now for a competitive quote - just call 0808 1230013 or if you prefer you can use our Web Enquiry Form and we will answer any enquiries that you may have.