Composite Doors

Red Composite Door in porchGrey Composite Door front viewComposite Door cross sectionComposite Door on house with bow windowDark green Composite Door

Great value Composite Doors from Signature Windows

Our name might be Signature Windows, but we are renowned for more than our stock of windows - excellent though it is. Whether or not you have purchased some new windows from us, you might want to consider replacing any ageing composite doors with one of the high value composite doors on offer from Signature Windows.

Why would you want to replace your ageing composite doors? Well, though many of us would love to consider our doors capable of standing the test of time, unfortunately, this is unlikely to be the case with doors bought many years ago. This is because the design and technology of new composite doors has developed hugely in recent years, leaving older composite doors seeming seriously outdated and increasingly vulnerable to the adverse effects of treacherous weather and attempted break-ins.

And why would you want to buy any of the composite fitted doors by Signature Windows? The list of reasons is comprehensive. For one, our composite doors have been built for security - attractive if you live in a particularly crime-prone area. For example, we have lent these composite doors 44mm thickness (16mm more than conventional uPVC panel doors), plus a substantially strong structure, incorporating a structural frame and advanced hardware.

However, our composite doors are far from merely functional; they are also made to look good. We offer a staggering variety of door designs for you to choose from, making it easier for you to find composite doors capable of making your property stand out in the right manner. Door colours available, for instance, include black, white, blue, red and green.

Of course, at this point, you may be fearing how the negative long term effects of poor weather could wreak havoc on the lovely appearance of any new composite doors from Signature Windows. Well, fear no more: we give every one of our composite doors a GRP finish to help guard against this kind of wear and tear.

Get on the phone to us now for a competitive quote - just call 0808 1230013 or if you prefer you can use our Web Enquiry Form and we will answer any enquiries that you may have.