French Doors

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Bring some foreign style to your home with elegant French Doors

Ultimately, everyone who loves spending time improving and developing their property would love to find something which adds an extra-special touch of class to the appearance of their home. Something which makes their humble abode stand out on the street for all the right reasons, and which regularly prompts passers-by to point and admire. However, finding this extra-special something is easier said than done.

Thankfully, however, we at Signature Windows are convinced that we have just the answer; a pair of classically elegant French doors. As portrayed by their name, French doors harbour a largely foreign influence - just the thing to help your property stand out from similar buildings sporting more traditionally British architectural styles.

However, French doors also throw in plenty of functionality to go with those looks. For instance, they are very easy to open, thanks to their smooth operation - making them particularly fun during sunny days and the fact that they do not contain a central mullion allows a greater ease of access. However, we have also beefed up our French doors with the typical Signature Windows standard of security features including locking mechanisms that are accredited by PAS23/24 as well as being force resistant, making them much more difficult to bypass for the wrong type of people.

Being largely comprised of transparent or translucent glass (called lites or lights), French doors can also invite plenty of natural light into your home. Thus, the use of French doors can diminish the need for artificial light sources, helping you to lower both your electricity bills and carbon footprint. Everyone's a winner!

At Signature Windows, we pride ourselves on not only providing you with excellent French doors, but also getting those French doors installed into your home at minimum inconvenience to you. This includes arranging to install the French doors at a time which clashes as little as possible with your family routine and commitments.

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